Tocardo focuses on generating renewable energy from tidal currents and river flows. The company became a large player in the global market for tidal energy by selling its first commercial turbines. Tocardo installed a first testing turbine in 2005, in 2008 they installed their first commercial prototype and by today Tocardo is active in the Netherlands, Canada, Scotland, Nepal and Japan. Tocardo has grown to a fully operation company ready to be a large player at the global market, especially with the recent investments done by the Dutch Huisman and the Spanish Repsol.

Teamwork Technology is proud to be founder of Tocardo and we continue to support Tocardo with the development of future and new turbine types.


The Tocardo water turbine is like a windmill underwater. The product originated from a water turbine which was placed in a Venturi (casing of the turbine). Teamwork Technology developed the water turbine towards a mature product. Maintenance costs are critical in the operating model of an offshore tidal turbine. Therefore the technology is simple and robust. The turbine doesn’t have a gear-box but a direct drive generator and is equipped with bi-directional reversible blades. Based on this technology, Tocardo offers a full range of turbines for river and offshore locations.


Tidal flows will play an important role in the total mix of renewable energy supply. A major advantage of tidal energy is its precise predictability, this offers great benefits to keep the grid balanced. Besides offshore tidal turbines, the T100 turbine was developed for use in rivers and estuaries. River energy has the same precise predictability benefits as tidal energy.

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