Affordable Living Solutions Africa

Affordable Living Solutions Africa (ALSA) is a project development firm for social housing. ALSA was founded and is based in North-Holland, The Netherlands, but operates primarily in South Africa. The company focuses on the social housing market: developing housing for the emerging middle class. It focuses on Corprorate Social Responsibility. We are building sustainable homes whilst paying attention to urban development at a district level.


South Africa has a significant need for new housing. Most project developers focus on the high end of the market and can barely keep up with demand. ALSA as a company takes its social responsibility seriously, focusing on the far larger middle-class market. The homes are offered in combination with green mortgages making them affordable to a larger proportion of the middle class.
The lower segment, consisting of the very cheapest housing for people with barely any income, is currently not yet financially viable. It is our goal for the future to develop appropriate concepts for this sector.


ALSA works with strong partners in both the private and public sectors. They intentionally encouraged strong involvement from local interest groups,  familiar with the culture and able to create a bridge with the local population. ALSA has set up a single operating company, currently involved in two major projects with involvement from local parties.