About Interreg 2 Seas Encore program

Aim The aim of the ENCORE project  is to advance five offshore renewable energy technologies (including wave energy convertors, tidal and river current turbines and offshore floating solar) in a structured and collaborative process and to develop open-source tools...

Wave Power and Hydrogen

Teamwork Technology performed a feasibility study about the production of hydrogen directly out of wave energy. Using Symphony Wave Power as primary source, it can directly convert wave energy into hydrogen. The study is supported by the province of Noord Holland....

Testing, testing! Symphony turbine tested in Portugal

Teamwork tested the specially developed Symphony turbine at the beginning of February in Sines, Portugal. This direct-drive generator will form the heart of the Symphony Wave Power system. It will convert the energy through the up and down movements into electricity....

Symphony article in Ocean Energy Resources

Teamwork Technology believes that Wave Energy will make a contribution to provide the earth with sustainable energy. Symphony, the Wave Energy Converter developed by Teamwork Technology, attracts attention from the off shore sector. Symphony is covered by an article...

Join us at the Symphony Wave Power Meet UP!

Find out how we see the future and join us for the Symphony Wave Power Meet UP on June 7.

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