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Teamwork Technology is enhancing the transition towards a sustainable world by starting up successful enterprises with impact.

The products and services of our start-ups contribute to a sustainable world by renewable energy production, efficient energy storage and efficient use of available energy.

In cooperation with our extended network, innovations and ideas are being developed from a technical, commercial and social point of view. Teamwork drives ideas towards independent and successful enterprises. In that way making profit and improving our environment goes together naturally. This is what we call: building sustainable businesses.

Do you want to contribute building a sustainable world and are you interested in a healthy return? Join our network by sharing your ideas or by investing in Teamwork. Let’s build a sustainable world together, that is what we call: Teamwork.


Succesfull test Symphony Wave Power

The Teamwork Technology crew tested successfully their upgraded turbine in Portugal. Symphony Wave Power is testing their main parts under the Encore program before integrating them to the full functioning device. The turbine was operating good at the programmed...

Multimetaal from Den Helder invests in the innovative Symphony Wave Power

Multimetaal, a technical specialist in the metal industry in Den Helder, is going to invest in wave energy. The company will play an important part in the development of Symphony Wave Power's technology in addition to obtaining a share in the Teamwork Technology...

Tussen Kolen en Parijs

Wave energy from Symphony Wave Power is included in the Dutch digital magazine “Tussen Kolen en Parijs” (between coal and Paris) of Dutch renewable energy innovation platform Urgenda. The guide was published June 23, 2021. In this guide, Urgenda shows that there is...

Symphony Wave Power published in Dutch Book on sustainable energy

Vincent wants Sun, a blog of Dutch newspaper 'Trouw', has been a journey of discovery on sustainable energy for ten years. Readers of 'Trouw' followed the journey through the blog. A book containing the most remarkable developments has been published recently. Writer...

About Interreg 2 Seas Encore program

Aim The aim of the ENCORE project  is to advance five offshore renewable energy technologies (including wave energy convertors, tidal and river current turbines and offshore floating solar) in a structured and collaborative process and to develop open-source tools...

Wave Power and Hydrogen

Teamwork Technology performed a feasibility study about the production of hydrogen directly out of wave energy. Using Symphony Wave Power as primary source, it can directly convert wave energy into hydrogen. The study is supported by the province of Noord Holland....

Testing, testing! Symphony turbine tested in Portugal

Teamwork tested the specially developed Symphony turbine at the beginning of February in Sines, Portugal. This direct-drive generator will form the heart of the Symphony Wave Power system. It will convert the energy through the up and down movements into electricity....

Symphony article in Ocean Energy Resources

Teamwork Technology believes that Wave Energy will make a contribution to provide the earth with sustainable energy. Symphony, the Wave Energy Converter developed by Teamwork Technology, attracts attention from the off shore sector. Symphony is covered by an article...

Join us at the Symphony Wave Power Meet UP!

Find out how we see the future and join us for the Symphony Wave Power Meet UP on June 7.

Teamwork COO presenter at Oil&Gas Reinvented event

Roelof Schuitema was in Rotterdam to present Symphony Wave Power at the Oil & Gas Reinvented event

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