Teamwork Technology is proud to be founder of Tocardo and we continue to support Tocardo with the development of future and new turbine types.   Tocardo installed a first testing turbine in 2005, in 2008 they installed their first  prototypes. In 2015 five large turbines were installed in the Easterschelde  barrier this looked like a promising project as there much energy from tidal currents available in this large infrastructure.  Nevertheless the company did not Succeed business wise. The project in the Easterschelde could not be closed and investors could not support anymore. The company went through a bankruptcy and has a new owner. Although this makes it official not anymore part of the portfolio of teamwork, we are proud to have initiated this great technology. 


The Tocardo water turbine is like a two bladed windturbine underwater. Teamwork Technology developed the water turbine towards a mature product. Maintenance costs are critical in the operating model of an offshore tidal turbine. Therefore the technology is simple and robust. The turbine doesn’t have a gear-box but a direct drive generator and is equipped with bi-directional reversible blades. Based on this technology, Tocardo offers a full range of turbines for river and offshore locations.


Tidal flows will play an important role in the total mix of renewable energy supply. A major advantage of tidal energy is its precise predictability, this offers great benefits to keep the grid balanced. Besides offshore tidal turbines, the T100 turbine was developed for use in rivers and estuaries. River energy has the same precise predictability benefits as tidal energy.

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